Specialist Training Services


Operational success through training excellence

For nearly 20 years Britam have been delivering successful world class training consultancy to our Government and Corporate customers. It is essential that training delivers operational standards and success and is cost effective. This can only be achieved by clear and transparent communications with the customer to ensure their operational objectives are fully understood. Training is then delivered through our exceptional and experienced instructors using innovative state of the art teaching methodology. This is further supported by the development of quality training materials in the language of our customer’s choice.

Government police and military training solutions

Global security has never been more fluid due to dynamic political events of our time. These events can lead to Governments having to review their operational skill competencies in a variety of Police and Military sectors. Britam are able to provide bespoke programmes quickly and effectively to bridge operational gaps. This is achieved through a hybrid of the Systems Approach to Training Model and the bespoke course design is delivered by highly trained in-date instructors who will have recently been released from the UK, US or similar Police or Military organisations. All training will meet or exceed the NATO standard. Advice and mentoring can also be offered at all levels to ensure robust follow up of any bespoke training courses can be evolved into more enduring Military or Police curriculum programmes. This can be done through advice on establishing Academies or Training Centres supported by a full spectrum of training facilities, ranges and simulation software options.

Corporate training solutions

Training education through the Continued Professional Development
(CPD) process

All training should be meaningful with clear training and learning objectives linked to an organisations operational objectives; this is never more so when the training also provides Continued Professional Development (CPD) for the employee - an educational career path. Britam prides itself on offering CPD through their internationally approved and accredited security and HSE courses.

Learning/training health check

We have the capability to conduct a Learning or Training Health Check for your organisation. This is the identification of learning and development needs based on the conduct of an assessment of levels of knowledge, skills and attitudes required of an organisations employees. This Health Check can provide informed decisions about the learning provisions required at individual, team or at organisational level.

It is based on conducting a job analysis and the systematic gathering of data about employees’ capabilities and the organisational demands for skills. Additionally we conduct an analysis of the implications of any new and changed roles and changes in capability and equipment for the organisation. This Health Check should be part of everyone’s business strategy, and will produce a plan for the organisation to ensure capability to sustain business performance.

Bespoke training

Training provides better performance and better performance improves the profits of the business. Training can seem an expensive investment for any Organisation, but if the training meets the needs of the business it is a worthwhile one. organisations that don’t invest in training are 2.5 times more likely to fail. We are able to put together packages of training targeted especially to meet the needs of your business. Using our processes we can provide you with training that meets your objectives and ensures that the training your organisation receives is both relevant and cost effective.

A bespoke training package means you are in control. There is no residual waste of time and resources sending staff on courses that only require 20% of the course content. The training is aimed at the skill requirement for your staff for a specific task, skill set, operating procedures, or equipment. We can deliver at your premises, using your environment and equipment. This means less time spent conducting On-the-Job Training, thus saving time and money and your staff make the best use of their time, by holding the training at a venue suitable for you.

Training delivery

Our instructors deliver more than just instruction, we deliver world class, internationally benchmarked, fully accredited modern education to the Security and Health and Safety industry. Our professionals are all handpicked and trained to deliver the highest standard of effective training available. We take full advantage of modern technology such as the iPad in our classroom environments and eLearning platforms which allows our learning experience to go way beyond the classroom.

With a professional and courteous service, our instructors will do more than simply get you through the test. By being your coach and mentor throughout the learning phase they will guide you and provide you with skills for life.

Training evaluation

We conduct 360 degree feedback for all of our training events. In order to monitor and evaluate the training we deliver, an Internal Validation is conducted. Students and instructor questionnaires, verbal discussion and debriefs are used to gather information for internal validation purposes. The course staff collate the results. The questionnaires together with the assessment results are passed to our Quality Assurance staff for review. The Quality Assurance staff conduct a trend analysis after every third course to look for obvious requirements for change.

Additionally, we ask for feedback from our students supervising managers sometime after the course has finished. This feedback will inform us if the training met the needs of the organisation as well as the individual.

All of our training is accredited by internationally recognized organisations including City & Guilds and Pearson Edexcel. Both will conduct external validation visits to give you the confidence that the training delivered meets or exceeds internationally accepted best practices.

We use the ADDIE model, which is a systematic instructional design methodology consisting of five phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Each step has an outcome that feeds into the next step in the sequence. The five phases of ADDIE are as follows:


During analysis, the designer identifies the learning challenge, the goals and objectives, the audience’s needs, existing knowledge, and any other relevant characteristics. Analysis also considers the learning environment, any constraints, the delivery options, and the timeline.


A systematic process of specifying learning objectives. Detailed storyboards and prototypes are often made, and the look and feel, graphic design, user-interface and content is determined here.


The actual production of the content, method and media, and learning materials based on the Design phase.


During this phase, the plan is put into action and a procedure for training the learner and teacher is developed. Materials are delivered or distributed to the student group. After delivery, the effectiveness of the training materials is evaluated.


This phase consists of both formative and summative evaluation. Formative evaluation is present in each stage of the ADDIE process. Summative evaluation consists of tests designed for criterion-related referenced items and providing opportunities for feedback from the users. Revisions are made to our training when necessary using the feedback that we get.