Oil and Gas Sector

Personnel and facilities in the oil and gas sector are particularly vulnerable to crime and acts of terrorism – across upstream, midstream and downstream operations.

However, with the right security measures in place, employees can go about their activities safely and business can be conducted without interruption.

Britam expertly assesses the scope and nature of the threat; formulates detailed action plans; and implements the appropriate services, systems and training to enable business continuity.

Consultancy services

We conduct a detailed Threat Assessment to determine the risks associated with your day-to-day business activity. Risk Mitigation Plans will be developed to reduce any serious risks identified to an acceptable level, while Contingency Planning ensures you have a strategy for responding to any future identified incident or crisis. To support this we also offer Security Consultancy, in which we review and develop your internal management processes and procedures.

Operational services

  • Secure Communication Systems: Our expertise and technology allow uninterrupted and secure voice and data transmission within corporate facilities and field operations.
  • Onshore and Offshore Surveillance: A comprehensive range of technologically advanced surveillance systems to detect any intrusion onto your facilities.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA): Unique software platforms that form the heart of a command and control centre for managing vital infrastructure.
  • Tracking Solutions: Constant, real-time monitoring and tracking of your valuable assets and cargo, to enable a speedy response to unforeseen events.
  • Close Protection and Escorting: Allows corporate personnel to conduct their business activities in hostile environments.

Facility protection

  • Command and Control Centres: We establish centres that enable operators to analyse threats, generate early warnings, and prepare intervention programmes to manage security incidents or crises effectively.
  • ID and Access Control: Integrated systems with the latest technology for ID and access control, to ensure high-level integrity on your sites.
  • Intrusion Detection: Our perimeter protection solution uses multiple advanced detection technologies. Equally importantly, we train your guards, operators and supervisors to use them effectively.
  • Guarding: We provide guards for all levels of general security duties. Even those carrying out the most basic guarding duties are trained to UK Government standards in fire and security awareness, health and safety and first aid. All our training is conducted by ex-UK police and military training instructors.


Britam has developed a detailed programme of Hostile Awareness Training to help company personnel prepare for deployment in potentially hostile areas and specific countries. The courses, which can be delivered in person or online, show how personnel travelling in hostile areas can increase their confidence and comfort and reduce risk.

American Petroleum Institute

Britam has a comprehensive range of security products that have been developed in accordance with the exacting standards and methodologies of the American Petroleum Institute (API), including:

  • Security guidance for the petroleum industry
  • Security vulnerability assessments
  • Security for offshore oil and natural gas operations
  • Pipeline SCADA security
  • Guidelines for Managing and Analysing the Security Vulnerabilities of Fixed Chemical Sites
  • Vulnerability Analysis Methodology for Chemical Facilities.

Upstream services

As companies extend their exploration and production into increasingly remote and hostile areas, maintaining the security of people and assets demands ever more sophisticated solutions. 

Britam can offer a level of security for people and infrastructure that is far beyond the scope of a company’s own resources:

  • Strategically, our security solutions – from threat assessments through to full-scale security vulnerability assessments – enable you to make informed decisions about your operations.
  • Operationally, our facility protection packages ensure the highest levels of security for your people and infrastructure, whether you are conducting a geophysical survey or engaged in production.
  • We can also educate your personnel in hostile awareness. By increasing their perception of risk, your people will feel confident enough of their safety to perform effectively.

Midstream services

The transportation of oil and gas from reservoir to refinery poses significant risk. The last two years have seen over 300 militant attacks on pipelines and 17 attacks on oil and gas vessels. 

To protect the integrity of oil and gas pipelines, Britam offers dedicated security packages and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems tailored to your operational requirements. The latest SCADA software provides the framework for the command and control centre – which, when combined with sophisticated sound and movement sensors, ensures a comprehensive, layered solution to your security needs. We also offer pipeline security packages, based on API Standard 1164 or developed on a bespoke basis. 

With our particular expertise and experience in maritime security, you can be confident of safeguarding your people and assets when transporting hydrocarbons at sea. We operate in accordance with the internationally recognised regulations of the IMO and ISPS Code.

Downstream services

With their political and economic significance, oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants are prime targets for militant action. Britam can implement stringent security measures at your facilities, enabling you to maintain day-to-day business activities. 

As a trusted security provider for a number of international organisations, we understand the need to align our approach to your business objectives, and embed our security protocol within your existing processes.

  • We can provide a full turnkey solution, from the design and procurement of security systems to the provision of guards to protect your assets.
  • Or you can choose from our comprehensive range of security services for petrochemical facilities, including vulnerability assessments, facility protection and guarding.
  • Our approach can be based on American Petroleum Institute guidelines or developed as appropriate for your organisation.