About Britam


Our Ethos defines the principles that Britam operates to. It is a practical guide for our employees and enables our customers to understand the high standards they can expect from us. We have recently put our entire operation through the PSC1 assessment and are proud to have been awarded the PSC1 certificate.

We are here for our customers

We are committed to making things better for our customers, by providing the vital services they rely on and finding new ways to improve their lives. We are knowledgeable, professional, dependable and easy to do business with. When things do go wrong, we take responsibility for putting them right. We are there for our customers when they need us.

We help each other achieve more

We are one team. We focus on shared goals and bring the company together for our customers, even when we're in different parts of the business.  We take opportunities to provide feedback, coach and learn. We say thank you for a job well done.

We all make change happen

We improve what we do for customers and business and by thinking big, starting small and moving fast. We anticipate the future and each year we aim to be better than the last.

We are honest and respectful

We speak honestly and listen with respect to our colleagues and customers. We care about making our business better and stronger, challenging ourselves to get to the heart of things. We enjoy working in a diverse organisation and benefit from looking at things in different ways.

We are proud to make a difference

We believe that Britam isn't just another business. We make a real difference, through the services we provide and our role in communities. We are all ambassadors for Britam. Every one of us helps to keep our team strong, by acting with integrity and living our values. We make Britam a place where people are proud to work.

Our staff

Our greatest asset is our people.  We recruit and select the most talented people. We ensure they are trained and developed to the highest standards.  We have an excellent retention record, with our staff providing management support and the highest duty of care.   For this reason we have an excellent reputation as a preferred employer.

Cultural values

We are passionate about delivering the highest standards
We seek opportunities for our customers at every opportunity
We have the courage and conviction to make difficult decisions
We think big but remain nimble and agile
We create an environment that celebrates everything we do
We act with care and integrity
We recognise that profitability is essential to our success