About Britam

Company Overview

Britam is a broad-ranging risk management and training consultancy. We provide advice, services and training that enable organisations to pursue their activities while managing their strategic and operational risks.

What we do

We work with commercial and governmental organisations, providing services in three key areas:

  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Police, Military and Corporate Bespoke Training Solutions
  • Health, Safety, Environment, Fire and Medical Emergency Response Services

How we do it

Our management team has a background in UK Special Forces. This ethos defines our culture. We challenge the status quo, while ensuring our solutions are practical, affordable and delivered to the highest standards of service and conduct. Operationally, we combine our experience and expertise in counter-terrorism, insurgency and other public security situations with keen commercial awareness and discretion.

Where we do it

With offices in UK, Dubai, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, we are on hand wherever our clients need us.